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Introducing the AMP by Method Mobility, an innovative Wheelchair Power Assist device.

Taking You Where You Want to Be

AMP™ by Method Mobility

AMP Power Module Features

Elevate Your Mobility: Introducing AMP™ by Method Mobility Redefining Performance for Manual Wheelchairs!

Simply Roll On

Power up and let AMP do the work.  It’s that simple.  Keep your wheelchair, enhance your life!

Drive All Day

Lightweight, state-of-the-art battery technology will take you as far as 11 miles on a single charge!


Available for folding, rigid or tilt wheelchairs.  No modifications required.

New Company.
Not New to Innovation.

Our founding partners are quite literally on a mission to develop new and exciting products that provide a superior and unique experience.  Find out more about why they started the company that is dedicated to our quest.

Ready to Get AMP’d?

We’re here to help – find out how we can power your life.

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