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AMP - wheelchair power add on - The future of Mobility assistance is now!

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Mobility Independance

 The NEW AMP (Assistive Manual Power) wheelchair power add on now with the SmartPhone app enabled programmability.  It is perhaps the most instinctive wheelchair power assist ever conceived.  Simple to use and no chair modifications required.  Most people perfect their driving skills within the first minute of use!  


Push Relief

 The AMP is easy on the shoulders.  No handrim pushes required! You can cruise anywhere you would normally go with ease. Imagine no more shoulder strain! Imagine gliding accross thick carpet with zero effort. Climb hills with no pushing and descend as slow as you like. 



Changeable Parameters: Driving Mode, Turn sensitivity, Driving Force and Acceleration 

  • Range (level ground): 8 miles (19 km) Up to 16 miles with second battery option
  • Battery: Li-ion —36 Volt & 4.3 A-h
  • Motors: (2) Brushless Inductive DC
  • 2 hours charge time, over 1500 charges!
  • Dual sine wave control system
  • No mounting required Rigid and folding chair compatibility
  • Temperature Range: 0℃-40℃
  • Maximum Speed: 8 MPH (13 K/HR)
  • Bluetooth module 4.0
  • Audio Warnings: Speed and Battery Level


Check out the AMP in action!

Check out our 2016 promo video

About Us

A combined 50 years of Industry Experience

Simply put, we  have been developing products to improve peoples lives for decades.

Real User Input

3 years in the making.  Enhancements made every step of the way.  All with your needs in mind!

Patented Design

Our First Patent submissions started in 2015 and have continued throughout our development stages.  We have multiple patents in the works and received our first Patent in early 2019!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the AMP available for sale?

No not yet but soon!  We are in the stages of development, testing and getting user feedback to ensure the AMP meets the needs of all our intended users.

Where can I buy and is there a dealer in my area or country?

We are in the process of talking to dealers now.  We are being contacted daily with interested customers and dealer alike.  Once we begin to solidify our sales channels we will post locations here.

When do you think you will begin selling the AMP?

We are targeting the first part of 2019 to make a launch date announcement.  We are vigorously working with our suppliers and manufacturing partners during the development stages so we can achieve a smooth product 

Is the AMP in the videos the final product?

It is close but no.  We have added functionality, safety features and a modern LED display.  We will post pictures once our new shroud tooling is completed.

What will the cost be?

We have a good idea of the sales cost but are working to lower our production costs.  We have not set a selling price yet as we are still evaluating the market and our other costs of doing business.  Based on our competitors current offerings, we do however know it will be the lowest cost power add on on the market.  Significantly lowest!

Can I be contacted when the AMP is ready to launch?

Yes!  Use the "Get in Touch" button below and we will add you to our information release emails.

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AMP - Assitive Manual Power

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