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Why we do this.

“In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.  We design innovative, simple-to-use mobility enhancements.”

AMP. Your freedom of choice.

Not so long ago and not so far away, Method Mobility’s founding crew thrived together in a corporate culture. That culture taught us, the most important thing we can do, is make the lives of our customers better.

Innovate. Listen. Improve. This is the focus, this is what we do.
It’s what makes great products that improves lives.

This is our Method.

We’re about developing new and exciting mobility products that provide a superior and unique

Below is our Code of doing business. It is our Method.

Method Mobility Code

This is a dynamic industry; we are new here.  Every day is a fresh set of challenges, a new potential, and a chance to reinvent.  This is our Method.

Our mission is to develop new and exciting mobility products that provide a superior and unique experience.  Providing the freedom of choice is fundamental to our success.

We will be fair to our customers and our associates.  All will be treated equally.

We will relentlessly discover.  This is our Method.  Every experience is an opportunity to learn. Knowledge gained will enhance what we do.

We will revolutionize and adjust.  This is our Method.  We will reside in the present and look to the future.  We are enticed by the belief about what can be.

We will listen to our customers and understand them; their knowledge will make us better:  We will use this knowledge to invent and innovate.

We will never stop asking how we can better ourselves. This is our Method.  Nothing is sacred and cannot change.  Nothing can be as important as our mission. 

We will strive to be profitable; we will do this by creating value.  Growth is proof we are fulfilling our mission.

We will tell the truth. This is our Method.  Nothing will be withheld from our customers.  We cannot succeed without their trust.

We are pioneers and are not interested in dominance.  We are here to craft new ideas into outstanding products. 

We have competitors, not adversaries.  We are here to offer people a choice.

On no account will we ever be finished.  This is our Method.

Ready to Get AMP’d?

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